SAGE® Delivers the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

November 16th, 2022

Being informed enables you to be proactive. SAGE® provides regular updates, custom reports and vital, real-time data, all conveniently accessible within the SAGE® Dashboard.

Make smarter and swifter decisions based on timely data and deep, comprehensive insight into your utility system. SAGE® eliminates guesswork and costly surprises with instant alerts when issues arise, allowing you to take immediate action.

View the new and updated SAGE® overview and share it with your customers.

SAGE UMT® Quick TipsSAGE UMT® is a simple, fast, and accurate way to survey your steam traps. Here are a few quick tips and reminders when using SAGE UMT® .


Hold SAGE UMT® securely in your right or left hand using the wrist strap. Scan the RFID tag following instructions next to the RFID tag number in the SAGE® mobile app.

Place the probe tip in the proper location on the trap before pressing the start button. The best test location is described in the SAGE® mobile app and can be found by tapping the Information icon (i) in the lower right screen.


Position the SAGE UMT® probe tip into the trap and apply about 5 pounds of force. Press and release the start button.


The testing scroll wheel will illuminate while the test is in progress (also view this in the SAGE® Mobile App). The testing scroll wheel will blink when complete and results can be viewed in the SAGE® Mobile App. Periodically clean the temp sensor lens.

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