April 4th, 2023

Test Often. Replace Quickly.

Discover how sustainable, proactive steam trap management that includes frequent testing and swift replacement will help you reduce steam loss, cut energy costs, and meet your net-zero goals.

As the price of energy rises, so does the price you pay for ignoring steam trap failures. If you’ve been delaying replacement of even one failed steam trap, you could be wasting thousands of dollars each year. Whatever your industry, whether you have 10 traps or 10,000, steam trap management should be a top priority for your company.

Armstrong offers leading-edge technology, software, equipment and services for a best-in-class steam trap management program that can deliver a significant ROI—payback is typically 6 to 10 months.

Calculate your savings and try SAGE® for free

Use our simple, online calculator to see how much you can save with Armstrong’s steam trap management program. Then activate your free 25-trap trial of our industry-leading SAGE® Steam System Management software.

Trap Management – Steam Loss Calculator

With the rising cost of steam, quickly replacing your failed steam traps can save you thousands of dollars each year. Armstrong offers leading-edge technology, software, equipment and services for best-in-class steam trap management that can deliver a significant return on your investment, typically in 6 to 10 months—while helping you achieve your net-zero goal.

SAGE® Steam System Management software works hard to keep you fully updated so you can respond quickly to any failures.

SAGE Free Trial

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