Armstrong International, Inc.

April 24th, 2020

Steam & Condensate
Steam Traps – Inverted Bucket (IB), Float & Thermostatic (F&T), Disc, Thermostatic, Bimetallic, Clean Steam, Radiator Traps, Trap Valve Stations (TVS), Pressure & Temperatue Regulators, Control Valves, Condensate Systems, Pump Traps, Flash Tanks, Condensate Coolers, SteamEye®, AIM, Strainers, Separators, Steam and Condensate Manifolds, Air Vents, Liquid Drainers

Hot Water
BRAIN® Digital Mixing Valve, Digital-Flo® Hot Water Heaters, Flo-Direct® Gas Fired Hot Water Heaters, Heat Transfer Packages, Flo-Rite-Temp® Steam to Water Heater, RADA Thermostatic Mixing Valves, Washdown Hose Stations, Steamix, Emech® Industrial Digital Mixing Valves, SAGE® connectivity for BAS systems, VFD Pump Assemblies

Direct Steam Injection, HumidiPack®, Gas & Electric Steam, HumidiClean, Steam to Steam, Unfired Steam Generators, Ionic Bed Technology, Fogging Systems

Steam and Hot Water Energy Audits, Turnkey Installations, Operations & Maintenance Services

Heat Transfer
Heating & Cooling Coils, Unit Heaters, Tank Heaters

Pressure & Temperature Controls
Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV’s), Temperature Regulators, Control Valves

Veris Flow Measurement Group
VERIS ACCELABAR®, VERIS VERABAR®, Armstrong Vortex Meter, Armstrong Orifice Plate, Armstrong Venturi Tube, Armstrong ASME Flow Nozzle, Armstrong Wedge Meter, Electromagnetic Meter, Ultrasonic Meter