Why use Axial Flow Check Valves?

August 4th, 2022

Associated Steam is pleased to share the following from our partner, DFT:

DFT-Axial-Flow-Check-Valves-for-Pumps-CompressorAxial Flow Check Valves for Pumps and Compressors  

Check valves are vital protection to pumps and compressors, ensuring safe and effective operation by allowing flow in one direction while preventing flow in the opposite direction (reverse flow). This protection is crucial since backward flow in pumps and compressors can result in damage to the equipment.

Download our Axial Flow Check Valves for Pumps and Compressors eBook to read more about how to protect pumps and compressors by using axial flow check valves.    

More information about the company and its work may be found through https://www.dft-valves.com/

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