July 8th, 2021

When I left work yesterday, the thermometer on my dashboard read 102°F.  Granted, it is July in the Mid-Atlantic, so I should expect summer weather… but YUCK. 

This morning when I came in to find an email from Armstrong about Thermal Assessments and why now is the time to schedule your system evaluation, I had to shake my head. The temperature outside today is not much better than yesterday, and heat and steam are probably the last things most of us want to think about now. 

But when I looked a little deeper, I realized that now IS the time to have Associated Steam Air & Hot Water assist you with a Thermal Assessment on your steam, hot water, or condensate system.

Thermal Assessments are a great way to uncover opportunities to improve the performance and efficiency of steam, hot water, and condensate systems as well as their safety, reliability and integrity. Conducting a Thermal Assessment is easy too – especially when using the Thermal Assessment feature within SAGE®.  Below are links to a few mock assessments. Look at the information that is available and consider how this data can help you to evaluate and improve your operations. 

Asphalt Emulsion Thermal Assessment

Healthcare Thermal Assessment

Food Plant Thermal Assessment

And given the current “outdoor” temperatures, now is the perfect time to minimize the impact of any potential downtime for system maintenance or improvements.

Associated Steam, Air and Hot Water has been your trusted thermal utility partner since 1954. Whether for assessments, troubleshooting, system improvements or repair guidance – we are ready to bring our knowledge and experience to your facility.