January 11th, 2021

Struggling to Meet Today’s Critical Hot Water Demands?

Join our experts for a live webinar and learn better ways to generate the hot water you need for process and washdown—within set temperatures, and at the appropriate flow rate.

Discover how to address some of your toughest hot water challenges during this live webinar for the food and beverage industry. You’ll learn about balancing your hot water system to boost efficiency, productivity and personnel safety, and we’ll show you ways to maintain precision hot water temperatures, eliminate live steam, and generate all the hot water your plant needs at 99.7% efficiency—no boiler required.

Topics will include:

  • Generating hot water at 99.7% efficiency
  • Maintaining precision water temperatures crucial to processes
  • Eliminating live steam for increased personnel safety during washdown
  • Leaving the boiler behind to meet hot water demands more efficiently—without steam
Webinar Presented By: Tim Clysdale
Industrial Product Manager
Armstrong International – Hot Water Group

Register for January 19 at 11am EST

I can’t make the webinar but send me the recording.

Armstrong and Associated Steam are here to help you avoid interruptions to production, improve maintenance and reliability, and ensure sufficient hot water for washdown.

As the trusted thermal utility partner for some of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, We understand the complex issues your industry faces every day—in ways no one else can. We have more than a century of knowledge, experience and insight, and we’re committed to sharing all that we’ve learned to help you make the smartest, most sustainable decisions possible for your company.

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