June 24th, 2021

Associated Steam, Air & Hot Water is proud to announce that we have been awarded a contract under the Pennsylvania Department of General Services COSTARS Program.

As an awarded provider for COSTAR-8: Maintenance, Repair and Operation Equipment, Supplies and Services, Associated Steam, Air & Hot Water is ready to offer value and convenience when sourcing all your steam, hot water, heat exchange, humidification, condensate, and all other fluid specialty products.

While our list of products offered through COSTARS-8 may seem daunting and unwieldy, Associated Steam, Air & Hot Water is ready to help you identify components of your current system and develop a list of maintenance and replacement equipment. As your manufacturer’s representative for Armstrong International, DFT, Donaldson, Hyspan, United Metal Hose, Koldwave, Shannon Global, Tunstall, Macon Balancing and Controls, Mueller Steam Specialties, Trerice and others, we are ready to meet and exceed your equipment needs.

Additionally, Associated Steam, Air & Hot Water offers Thermal Assessments, Steam Trap Audits, Training, and Application Engineering to help maintain efficiency and lower operational costs. If you have a question about anything related to the Steam, Air or Hot Water needs for your facility, we will provide the solution.

For further information and to discuss specific solutions for your facility, please contact us:


  • Associated Steam Specialty Company
  • Vendor # 119666
  • 800-477-1620

Associated Steam, Air and Hot Water is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier Manufacturer’s Representative for all your Heat Exchange and Fluid Specialties requirements including Airside, Filtration, Flow Measurement, Hot Water, Valve and Steam products.  Associated provides total solutions in steam and condensate, heat transfer, hot water and humidification in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, northern Virginia, and northern West Virginia.

At Associated Steam, Air & Hot Water we understand that the success of any project depends upon an understanding of the facility needs, optimum selection and design of the system, and reliable performance of the system equipment. Established in 1954, our team offers over 200 years’ industry experience, with staff ranging from Engineers to Contractors. We interrelate with consulting engineers, contractors, end users and maintenance staff to ensure your satisfaction.  Associated’s body and depth of experience makes us the ideal partner for all your Steam, Air and Hot Water needs.